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A Beautiful, Unique and Very Affordable Wedding is Awaiting You at Local
Beaches, Pavilions, Parks Including the Chairs, Pergola/Trellis for $399*
or, Combined with a Reception in a Local, Stately Century Mansion for $999**

Want to Do It Yourself?  Need to Book a Venue as a "Plan B" In Case of Weather?
We'll Coordinate Beautiful Mansions that are
Intimate, Affordable and Unique
as Your Coordinator/Advocate for Only $99

*Up to 40 chairs, pergola/trellis/bamboo delivered/picked up. Additional chairs $4.99 ea.  Dates/services not guaranteed until paid. $99 Minimum for two hours
of coordinating services and/or $199 deposit for outdoor wedding is nonrefundable. Prices do not include food, catering, beverages or other amenities.
Weather or other issues causing cancellations/rescheduling or movement of ceremony site within 30 miles of Cleveland, Ohio at no additional charge.
Other terms apply.  See details.  **Mansion prices and sizes and terms vary and are determined solely by mansions.

Choose any theme, flowers, colors, decorations, menu...anything you want!
According to Huffington Post, The #1 Wedding Trend for 2014 is a Return to Glamour. But, at what cost? Mansion on the Lake Beach Weddings in NE Ohio, Cleveland, will assist you to create a wedding event in grand style, with or without a beach or outdoor option, and save you a lot of money as you begin your life together.  Because our beach option can be folded into your indoor mansion, indoor community center or outdoor pavilion reception, you are also increasing your options to invite more guests for a unique event filled with glamour and fun, no matter what your budget is.

(With every one of our weddings, we include a free mobile web app that works on every smartphone that is customized to the couple, with maps to their chosen venues, links to their social media and a lot more.)

Beach weddings are all the rage for so many reasons, including the 
freedom to wiggle toes in the sand, but most of all because you aren't paying "per guest", anybody you invite can choose to attend - or not - and your event takes place in a public place that is not expensive as are many other wedding venues and destinations.  We offer many options and catering, including customized beach, table setting and mansion decorations that are more thoroughly explained during our presentation. However, consider the wide range of options a beach wedding can provide, such as a place to fly kites, launch balloons or bubbles, build sand castles, play games and more before or after the wedding, while beautiful seating arrangements, sophisticated decorations such as canopies, flowers, shells, ribbons, feather flags and more decorate the setting for your wedding.

There are also locations in parks, both public and private that we work with, but any combination of beach and wedding venues can be combined for your special day.  Some are on this site, but first....

Who we are...

As you begin your search for the perfect wedding, you'll be affected by wedding vendors and venues which are all aware of certain "facts" that the "traditional" wedding industry tells them that says the average NE Ohio wedding costs an average of "...over $26,000"! 

The "facts", which inaccurately assume your resources are somewhat “unlimited”, have a lot of venue owners and their employees unfairly and aggressively targeting bridal inquiries to fill their bookings calendar, targeting YOUR special event.  We grew tired of that attitude in our industry and created a new model, one that will not stereotype you, called Beach Mansion Weddings.

Over the years we learned that you're probably going to be overwhelmed by your choices - and the prices and options - for your wedding, and that you need an experienced, committed advocate.  Due to market pressures on the venues and vendors, our professional experience and negotiating by us, to assist you, and by taking advantage of locally available resources that don't promote themselves very well, you can have an amazing wedding that costs 1/10th of the "professional wedding industries targeted amount".  So don't be a target, be a happy bride.

By the way, don't be afraid that your chosen date may not be available, since we have access to many venues which count on us to bring them those special brides like you that are pre-selected for them. And, since we already know them you won't have to "bounce" from venue to venue searching.  Even if you personally handle your planning, we’ll provide you with the negotiating strength and local knowledge we have gathered over the years that will dramatically improve your choices while reducing your costs and stress.

Our goal is to provide an affordable, sensible, unique and memorable event that isn't "cookie cuttered" by someone else's ideas of what your special day should be, or what “they” say you should spend.  Our basic service includes up to 50 chairs, pergola (decorated), delivered, handled and picked up immediately after your wedding so you don't have to worry.

Beach Mansion Weddings has taken the time to assemble localized destination wedding resources that are not only affordable but unique, beautiful and designed to de-stress your planning for that special day.

So, although we're busy, we might seem difficult to reach because we’re handling our current events that are employing our services right up until the moment the limo pulls away from the reception. We are also paying attention to you when you contact us and our attention to you will also multiply and grow as your day draws near.  Please take some time to address your concerns on the attached questionnaire to help YOU communicate what's most important to you so that we can help fulfill your desires.

You'll be surprised, maybe even shocked when you find out what we present to you.  We'll step in and intervene between you and vendors, venues and very aggressive "sales presentations," advocating for you with negotiation skills and experience that will reduce your costs, increase your joy and represent you in an industry that is sometimes complex to navigate.

And again, congratulations!
Let us know if we can advocate for you for your special day.

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Tell us what you want at your wedding and don't hold back.  Let us know what you want your special day to include and don't forget that the more details you give us the better - and faster - we can respond to you personally!

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